Saylor + Sustainability


What does sustainability even mean?

When it comes to your clothes, sustainability speaks to extending the life-cycle of a garment in order to slow the depletion of natural resources. Basically, the goal is to make clothing with a looong shelf life.

2020 has certainly brought its unique challenges. Like many small businesses, we continue to adjust in real time to our changing landscape. This includes iterating on new ways to champion the causes and initiatives that have become integral to our brand mission, like sustainability and supporting our global partners.

This past spring, Covid19 lockdowns in India halted production of our Summer 2020 collection and underscored the vulnerability of overseas garment workers, who were left with no work and very little safety net. As factories have begun to safely re-open, we have decided to work with our partners to repurpose these stalled designs, in the hopes that very little goes to waste.

Inspired by optimism and appreciation, we hope these styles bring you happiness. And we really hope they give you an excuse to get dressed up in something fun.

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